Our Story

Seeds are equal having similar color and size. no one can distinguish them and it is rare that seed has any defect. One thing Which can affect in its Growth is soil . soil foundation which help it to grow and spread. And then here comes a farmer which plant and then tree which bears fruit and then that tree helps other and five their life and that life makes them different from other trees. similarly, child is like a child a well citizen. Our school gives students a very good ambience of education qualified and experienced which gives student a good guidance and direction. we belive, one thing which matters is neither miney nor status but actually education and exprienced which gives student a good guidance and deirection. under such direction and this education makes difference. our school established on 1997 and first year it has (approx) 300 students and this rapidity is the result of our hard work, and way of thinking . it shows parents belief on us and we always thankful for them. and as far as our vision is consider we just want to contribute in nation's growth by qualify education.

Our Facilities

  • Computer labs

    All type of course

  • Library

  • Transport Facilitie

  • Toys Room

    For small child only